Wir sind Leipziger…and now? Ten things to do with kids in Leipzig.

G and I have been hanging out in Leipzig for quite a few months now. Coming back to Leipzig after having lived here 15 odd years ago has been an interesting experience. It is a very different experience to be back here with a young child, as opposed to being here as a single gal in my twenties. I have tried to make the most … Continue reading Wir sind Leipziger…and now? Ten things to do with kids in Leipzig.

My Bohemian Rhapsody

Over the past few months we have spent quite a bit of time in the Czech Republic and I have been swept away by its beauty. The cities are magnificent with breathtaking architecture and the countryside is lush and dotted with the sweetest villages. My romanticized view and attraction to this place is only deepened by the fact that this (or at least part of … Continue reading My Bohemian Rhapsody

Berlin Berlin

  Berlin is a crazy mix of old and modern, east and west, and grungy and sophisticated. The city holds so many recognizable landmarks and has such a fascinating history. It also has a gazillion concert halls, is the home of the Berlin Philharmonic, and has a vibrant creative atmosphere. It is very multicultural and busy, but also has a more relaxed side to it … Continue reading Berlin Berlin

Finding our Pedals

Genevieve and I have been in Leipzig for over a week now and are finally starting to feel a little more acclimatized. The flights and train journey from South Africa to Germany were quite exhausting, to say the least, and I must say that I am truly lucky to have such a plucky little kid who appears to love traveling. There were no complaints, just … Continue reading Finding our Pedals

From a Buddhist Temple to the Wilds

Leigh has been my bestie since we were four years old and, although we have lived with an ocean between us for longer than we haven’t, our bond is still as strong. A number of years ago, Leigh became a Buddhist and over the years I have heard her talk with great love about her temple. This trip we were able to visit the temple … Continue reading From a Buddhist Temple to the Wilds

Maboneng – Jozie’s New Downtown

Am catching up on my Jozie experiences (even though we are now safely in Port Elizabeth)  and can say that if you ever want to experience a real bustling African city – go to Johannesburg! There is so much happening here and it oozes creativity, energy, and contrasts. Although I have visited this city many times, I have usually just spent my time hanging out … Continue reading Maboneng – Jozie’s New Downtown

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

“She’s a rich girl, don’t try to hide it – diamonds on the soles of her shoes.” “Homeless, Homeless – Moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake” Do these lyrics sound familiar? They are songs sung by Ladysmith Black Mambazo with Paul Simon on his album “Graceland,” the album that put this group on the map globally. Last night, we went to a very special concert … Continue reading Ladysmith Black Mambazo