Our Adventure Awaits

Only two more sleeps! I can’t believe it is almost time for us to leave and I still have so much to do. Our bags are out and piles of things are stacked up. Packing for a few months is quite a daunting task, especially when we will be in winter, summer and then autumn. I have explored capsule wardrobes and read posts and articles about minimalism and feel pretty good about how little I will be taking with us (I think the only place where I won’t have much of a choice is on the toys my child wants to bring).  We decided to do a little photo shoot the other night to get in the mood for packing and cleaning and my little darling embraced her inner diva – she was quite hilarious, especially as she clomped around the house in my cowboy boots. G and I will be the Giggling Gypsies and we hope you will enjoy following out adventure through South Africa, Germany and who knows where else!


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