Our Daring Adventure

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you knew that you had to shake things up a little? I reached that point a few months ago. After a harrowing year of illness, restlessness, and instability, I decided that now was the time for me to take my sweet five year old and go and explore the world. I set the wheels in motion to force myself to rethink my career and life goals. My contract as a music professor at a wonderful university came to an end and I did not try and renew it. Instead, I started thinking about how I could work remotely and still do something meaningful. My daughter does not officially have to start school for another year and my other two older kids are settled and happy (and not at home), so the timing was good. My husband has been very supportive of letting us embrace our inner gypsies and get to the point where we can giggle at the simple things again.

So, it’s time to reset and garner energy for the next part of our lives. I have done very little planning, besides buying flight tickets, and have tried not to have any expectations. My goal is that we can be present and live in the moment. This blog is a way for me to stay on track and be accountable for what I have set out to do. I want to write about my adventures with G, as well as about all the fantastic people we encounter along the way, the interesting food we will eat, and the music that will touch us. I have no idea what awaits, but I hope that you will enjoy following us on this journey – we will enjoy having you along for the ride.



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